The Cheetah Conservation Fund is convening the inaugural meeting of an international advisory group to guide cheetah conservation initiatives.

With fewer than 7500 existing in only 9% of their historic range, cheetahs
are becoming ever more vulnerable to extinction. CCF wants experts from
around the world to join and take swift, decisive conservation action now.

The Global Cheetah Summit aims to ignite this process by bringing
together leaders to develop creative strategies to mitigate the
primary existential threats to the species, which include human-wildlife
conflict, loss of habitat, shrinking prey base, fragmentation, and illegal
wildlife trade.
Addis Ababa Hilton
January 28-31, 2024

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The objective of the summit is to produce practical advice that impacts key initiatives for the species now and plans for future initiatives for restoration of cheetah populations.
The second objective is to compile the existing action plans into a “One Plan"
approach for global consistency.

Participants will examine the state of the cheetah, ongoing conservation
activities, and what additional tools are available to safeguard the species.

Topics discussed will include:
- Ecology of Cheetahs
- Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)
- Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) resolution strategies, mitigation tools,
awareness, alternative livelihoods
- Ending the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT)
- Captive breeding to assist wild populations through restoration plans
- Cheetah Health, Disease, and Reproduction and Genetics banking
- Cheetah Reintroduction initiatives
- Financial Planning – look at big funding, big ideas, creating support Partners

January 28: 6pm Opening Ceremony/Reception
January 29-30: Full day Summit sessions (8am-5pm+)
January 31: 1/2 day Summit sessions (8am-12pm) + Closing Ceremony and Departure

Link to Agenda: ​Final Global Cheetah Summit Agenda​​​
About Your Host
Cheetah Conservation Fund

For over 30 years, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, an
international non-profit organization with its field base
in Namibia, Africa, has been working to find solutions
to the threats that affect the survival of the cheetah
including their health and that of their ecosystems.
CCF has conducted research, designed, and
implemented conservation interventions, and built
partnerships for real change that addresses the needs
of communities and wildlife.
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